Southern Shan States Baptist Seminary

Southern Shan States Baptist Seminary
Taunggyi, Burma

The Southern State Baptist Seminary was founded in 1956, by SayaGyi Reverend Dr. Wm. Hackett (Uncle Bill). Since it’s founding The Hackett Family has supported projects both large and small, books, scholarships, computers, sound systems, keyboards and various other musical instruments, guitar strings and picks. Some students are extremely poor and so even a pair of flip flops (required as part of the uniform) may be out of reach. We supply some simple everyday items, notebooks, pens, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste. It’s universal, college girls love make up so one year each girl received a tube of lipstick. Weather in Shan States is unusual, Shan State sits in the southern foot hills of the Himalayas. Night temperatures can be in the thirties, while days maybe in eighties, making sweaters a perfect gift for female staff and ministers wives.

One very important program is scholarships for faculty. Ongoing education is difficult in Burma and teachers salaries are very small, making travel impossible. Funds have been made available for teachers to travel aboard to seminars, conferences and for similar advanced educational opportunities.

2013 – 2014
New Building Project

This year the school broke ground for a much needed building. The seed money came from the Hackett Mission Legacy. The seed money paid for the clearing of land and foundation. The first floor construction is slated to begin in December 2013.
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Post Secondary Education in Burma is very rare, in 1988 all public Universities were closed, leaving a handful of Buddhist and Christian run schools. In the last few years public schools are slowing reopening. The two schools supported by the Hackett’s have never closed.

Before WWII, Shan State School was a British run school k-12, it was attended by all four of Reverend Paul Hackett’s sons. Everyone of these sons returned to America for high school and college, each becoming a Dr. in their respective fields. The oldest of these sons was Dr. Wm. Hackett founder of the current school. The old school was bombed and destroyed during WWII, the Hackett home on the property housed three generations of Hackett’s and was not destroyed, however is not in use at this time.

Pre WWII this was a boys school, attended by all four Hackett brothers Bill, Herb, Paul and Earl. We continue to support the students with scholarships, books, musical instruments and personal needs.

the Hacketts home in Taunggyi is next door to the school, this is a recent picture