Pa-o Mountain Coffee

OUR NEWEST PROJECT 2019 “Pa-o Mountain Coffee”

What if-       you could help farmers turn away from growing poppies and provide a sustainable income growing coffee instead ?

 What if – you can help a tribe of people, long hidden by mist covered mountains in a country of political strife and unrest, emerge into the world market ?

 What if – you can help the Pa-o people raise their standards of living, health and education ?

 In a small way you can and, along with many others, make a huge difference in the lives of the people of Burma.

This has been the mission of the Hackett family since 1913. Read more about that history and how you can help at the TheHackettMissionLegacy.Org

On The label

The Pa-o people are the hidden tribe of the mountains of the Shan state in Southeast Burma. Ignored for centuries, both the Pa-o and their coffee have emerged into the light.   Meticulously processed, Pa-o coffee has been recognized in international competitions as being among the best coffees of the world. Like the bright head dress of the Pa-o people, this rich Asian coffee also has a bright, spicy and fruity flavor that stands out from typical South American varieties.   This coffee is sourced from “Behind the Leaf” Farm Co-op, whose mission is creating a sustainable income for over 500 local farmers through free and fair trade of naturally grown beans.
  “Pa-o Mountain Coffee” is distributed by The Hackett Mission Legacy Inc. The Hackett family has served in Burma since 1913 and with the Pa-o people since the 1940’s. ALL profits are used to support Hackett Mission projects, which include developing clean drinking water, health services, sustainable farming, orphanages, and education to the people of Burma.
  Bringing the Pa-o and their products into the world market and lifting their standard of living, education and health is our goal. You can help, not only by buying this coffee, but also by partnering with us, using this worthy product as a fundraiser for your Church or other organization.
  For more information, or to reorder for yourself, please see our website, Facebook page, your local retailer or our roaster whose expertise and partnership we greatly appreciate.