The Hackett Family Legacy is a non denominational Mission. We receive no government or corporate support. Likewise none of our funds go to government programs in Burma. All funds go directly to villagers, churches, clinics, schools, libraries, orphanages and other programs previously set up by our Grandparents or Uncle Bill. All fund raising is done by the current generation of Hackett’s. The process for new projects is simple, if a group approaches the Hackett’s, we meet with them, they must have a concise plan with anticipated cost of running their program. The Hackett Board then discusses the project and what funds we currently have available, we then tell them what we can offer and set up the particulars. The Board consists of three generations of Hackett’s and spouses. Board members receive no compensation and each is responsible for their own travel expenses to Burma, again all funds go towards projects.

   The Hackett Mission Legacy, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 
    All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.
    Please make checks out to The Hackett Mission Legacy.
Donations go to a general fund. However if you would like to contribute to a specific project please indicate which project you would like your funds to go towards.

Ongoing needs: schools, clinics and  orphanages always need, pens, toothbrushes,  Advil, NO liquids please. We always need flash drives, guitar strings, guitar picks, capos. Blood pressure cuffs and other clinic items that we can carry on a plane.  So next time you get free pens or shop at Sam’s think of starting  a small box of personal items and mail to Nancy.

To a child with nothing everything is special.

To contribute to the Mission,

Please make checks out to The Hackett Mission Legacy, you can mail a check to;
Nancy Hackett
1525 N. Benton Ave
Springfield, MO 65803

Thank you for your support,
M. Dee Hackett Ogilvy

Ray Hackett explains solar powered irrigation systems 2011

Jim learns to dress and cook fresh rabbit for lunch, 2011











Dr Earl Hackett inspects a 2011 building project, Peace Studies Center, Myanmar Institute of Theology