Continuing the Legacy

The Mission Lives on

With the passing of Martha Jane Hackett ( April 23, 1943 to March 1, 2012) and the end of Dr. Earl Hackett’s trips to Burma, those of us remaining know how they felt when Bill Hackett passed away and left the mission in Burma in their hands. Likewise, how Bill felt when his dad, Paul, died in India in 1943 after entering Burma in 1913. The Hackett Mission Legacy was incorporated to continue the work of the Hackett Family in Burma (now Myanmar) through future generations of Hacketts and the many friends and supporters of this family mission. 

Third Generation Continues…

Nancy Hackett and Jim Downing – Daughter and Husband of Dr. Earl Hackett

Nancy, the oldest of Earl’s seven children, grew up hearing stories of her Dad’s upbringing in Burma and India. In 1999, Nancy told her husband Jim “If we want to see Burma with Dad, we better go soon. He’s not getting any younger.” In 2000 they took that trip with Earl and cousin Martha Jane. Thankfully, there were thirteen more years of traveling to Burma with Earl and eleven more years of traveling with Marty. That first trip was to be a once in a lifetime trip – instead, they were hooked. Marty was pretty sure that the Lord sent Nancy and Jim with her and Earl to help with the continuation of the work started by previous Hackett generations. When Marty became ill, she and Nancy worked to put together The Hackett Mission Legacy, Inc. to ensure that end. Marty left a generous portion of her estate to help fund The Hackett Mission Legacy, Inc. and Nancy and Jim have already committed to doing the same. Nancy and Jim continue to work on Uncle Bill’s projects in Shan and Kayah States. They have also added a few projects of their own, including the newest coffee growing project with the Pa-o tribe.

Ray Hackett – Oldest Son of Dr. Earl Hackett

In 2002, Nancy told her brother Ray “You have to go to Burma, and you have to go with Dad!” So, in 2003, Ray accompanied Earl, Nancy, Jim, and Martha Jane to Burma. As the case was with Nancy, he was hooked. (They must have been raised right.) Ray continues to work with schools, orphanages and clinics to bring electricity and technology through solar power. He also works in small villages to facilitate the drilling of new water wells. Ray is a farmer at home. He works with small farms in Burma to introduce solar drip irrigation and modern animal care. Ray would love to move to Burma and work there full time, if we could raise enough money to support his projects and living expenses.

Other Family Members Who Have Participated On Trips To Burma (Third Generation)

William and Marianne Hackett – Son and wife of Dr. William and Rev. Marion Hackett

Jane and Leonard Burnstein – Daughter and Husband of Dr. Herbert Hackett

Dee Ogilvy – Daughter of Dr. Herbert Hackett

Lucy Bambrey – Daughter of Dr. Paul Hackett

Laurie Saucier – Daughter of Dr. Earl Hackett

Alicia and Doug Mirizzi – Daughter and Husband of Dr. Earl Hackett

Other Family Members Who Have Worked In The Background But Not Taken The Trip

Shirley Hackett – Wife of Dr. Earl Hackett – Shirley toiled for years baking cakes to sell at farmer’s markets until she had to quit for health reasons.

Susan Hackett – Daughter of Dr. Earl Hackett – Susan took over baking duties for Shirley and helps Earl with sales at the farmer’s markets.

Richard Hackett – Son of Dr. Earl Hackett – Richard also bakes for the farmer’s markets.

Friends Who Have Traveled With Hacketts To Burma

Doug Koch and Maureen Power – Friends of Martha Jane Hackett

Paul Allen – Friend of Ray Hackett

Kyle Miller – Friend of Nancy Hackett and Jim Downing